Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry encompasses a number of dental treatments, all with the aim of restoring the teeth and mouth to a healthy, beautiful state.

At Cleansmile Dental, we can assist in cases where teeth are chipped, fractured or broken, as well as cases where one or several teeth are missing.

We begin with a thorough assessment of the mouth, and a diagnosis of the problem. Once we have a diagnosis, we can determine a treatment plan to restore your teeth to it’s best possible state.

One of the most popular restorative treatments we offer is Fillings.

Fillings are applied to repair decayed teeth. The decay is removed and the area is filled with resin, restoring the tooth to full function. We use high-strength resin to repair the teeth instead of old-fashioned silver mercury fillings. Our white fillings look and feel great, while blending in perfectly with your teeth.

Missing teeth can greatly affect your ability to speak, eat and smile. Dentures fill the gaps created by lost teeth, and also help the facial and jaw muscles to work properly so that you can eat, speak and smile normally again. Our team offer various denture options to give your mouth full functionality.

Dentures are made out of a plastic base that supports fabricated teeth. The base is shaded to match the natural color of your gum tissue, and the teeth are usually made of porcelain or plastic. Dentures are made to match the structure and form of your individual mouth, and will help maintain the look and structural integrity of your face.

A partial denture covers only part of your mouth. It stays in place with clasps that secure to your adjacent natural teeth. Partials are usually recommended when one or more of your natural, healthy teeth are still in the mouth. Cleansmile dentists try to keep as many teeth as possible in your mouth, because the more natural teeth, the greater the integrity of your jawbone. We typically recommend partial dentures when at least one or more of your natural teeth are healthy.

A crown or cap is a custom-made permanent covering for a tooth. They solve issues related to cracked teeth, large broken fillings, large cavities, as well as offer protection for a tooth after it has had root canal treatment.

A crown will look and feel just like your other teeth. At Cleansmile, we custom color match the crown to ensure it is a perfect fit!

Dental implants are designed to replace teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. We specialise in placing and maintaining dental implants, and offer emergency services should your implant become loose.

When the implant is placed, the first step is to extract the affected tooth. Ideally, the implant should be placed the same day the tooth is extracted. Three to six months after the implant is placed, once the implant site has healed, you will return to Cleansmile to be fitted for the crown.

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